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Last Update: June 24, 2004



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Hey and welcome to my card site... I hope you enjoy it thoroughly and have a fun time searching it for you favorite cards.  At little about me is that I've been collecting since about 5 but gotten into online in June 2003 on SCF.  I now am a trader on both SCF and SCS (billsfan on both sites).  I enjoy collecting in many aspects.  My favorite is to meet new people.  Its also always fun to get mail. Well I'll say once again thank you for coming to my site.  I have this cool feature that you send what cards you have that I need... just click the link.


IF u are a set collector... please lmk team/set,...i usually will ask for a very few amount of money,., and if its 2 or 3 cards its usually free for SASE :).. so please don't be afraid to ask.